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Web Development

Mobile Development


Team Extension

Product Optimization & Maintenance

Quality  Assurance


IIN Learning Center

Learning Center web and mobile applications that provide module access, secure payments, and personalized coaching.


Web application to streamline college applications, enabling direct submission to partner universities, all in one convenient platform.

Relevant Medicine

Software that employs data mining to compile and display extensive healthcare data, with a focus on providing up-to-date insights in medicine.


Personal food network web app connecting food bloggers, recipe writers, chefs, restaurants, and caterers.

TrueKonnects POS

POS mobile/tablet application designed for any type of business

TrueKonnects Appointments

Mobile/tablet application designed to manage appointments for any type of business


Crystal clear processes

We’re like an open book, so our partners always know what is going on at our end and what’s coming next.

Effective communication

We’re always in the loop with our partners and projects, ready to think through the best solutions.

First-class design

We’re quality-oriented with great attention to detail and design accuracy.

Technical excellence

We use modern, scalable tools to deliver cutting-edge solutions and finish projects without technical debt.

Fully adjusted to operate internationally

We’re well managing both the time zone difference and the cultural fit, so our partners don’t feel the distance.

Flexible cooperation

We’re adjustable to individual needs and can handle the dynamically changing scope and technology.  


Chris Tava

CTO at Institute for Integrative Nutrition

NCoding has consistently demonstrated exceptional dedication and has delivered numerous software projects on time, quality and in a flexible manner. In my capacity as a CTO, I had the privilege of working closely with Ncoding on several projects, and I am thoroughly impressed with their commitment to delivering high-quality software products for both web and mobile platforms.

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Ncoding has proven to be a reliable partner, especially for clients in the US and Canada. Their team of software engineers is not only skilled but also dedicated to understanding and meeting the unique needs of their clients. Ncoding's professionalism and proficiency were evident in the projects we collaborated on.

One notable achievement was their design and development of a learning management system from scratch. This project required a deep understanding of educational technology, and Ncoding demonstrated their ability to create innovative solutions tailored to our specific requirements. Additionally, they successfully built a custom coaching management solution that exceeded our expectations in terms of functionality and user experience.

Ncoding delivered a complex project migrating of data from a legacy learning management system. This intricate task because the two systems were designed very differently. Kind of like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Ncoding executed this project with precision, showcasing their technical capabilities and attention to detail. What could have been a very challenging situation was put to ease because of great software design, implementation, testing and follow through.

Throughout the entire process, the Ncoding team was not only easy to work with but also demonstrated a collaborative and communicative approach, ensuring that our vision was brought to life effectively.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Ncoding for any organization seeking top-tier software development services. Their track record of success, coupled with their expertise in creating and implementing high-quality software products, makes them a valuable partner for companies looking to elevate their digital presence. I have full confidence in Ncoding's ability to deliver outstanding results, and I believe their dedication and proficiency will continue to set them apart in the industry.

Chandra Mohn

CTO at

NCoding provided skilled resources for our product development. They were a great partner in helping us successfully develop and deploy multiple products. They are a solid team and nice to work with. I would have them on my projects any time.

Jennifer Bobbe

Director of product at Institute for Integrative Nutrition

NCoding is a company of highly skilled developers and the leads with a great attitude and work ethic.  They partner with clients to ensure your software concept becomes a working reality, from prototype to launch and beyond.  They exceed expectations in terms of both quality and speed.  You will not be sorry you've brought them on board to kick off your latest project.  They were absolutely instrumental to my company's success.