Our team members are the heartbeat of our success


NCoding, a seasoned tech company with over a decade of experience, specializes in comprehensive software development services for US-based enterprises. We have been supporting startups, scale-ups, and consulting companies in creating top-notch software products. Our diverse services encompass web app development, mobile app development, DevOps, team extension, product optimization, and maintenance, as well as quality assurance. Rooted in a commitment to excellence and attention to detail, we prioritize enduring solutions over quick yet unreliable ones to ensure sustained success for our valued clients.



Supporting others and helping them achieve their true potential, making sure that no one is left with their problem alone, respecting each individual.

Dedication to innovation

Always looking for better solutions, thinking big, being creative in problem-solving, and open-minded to new ideas.

Customer understanding

Cooperation with the client, remembering that they hired us to be experts and advise them. Treating them as partners and understanding and solving their problems.

Constant Improvement

Striving for continuous improvement, being self-directed and accomplishing your goals, making the improvement a constant part of the work life.

Knowledge sharing

Spreading the knowledge - internally and externally, teaching others new abilities, asking for help with understanding the concept of something.